Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This picture was taken exactly a year ago today. This weekend my little pumpkins will turn five and the onslaught of the holiday season will begin. But more importantly my babies will be turning five, (oh wait did I mention that). I am truly lucky to have young ins to gauge the progression of time as sometimes down here in Florida with the absence of any discernible season days pass unnoticed. I truly asked my mom today if its winter yet or not. You see I felt a nip (like 75) in the air the other night when I let my dog out and I got that little bit of excitement in my being. It was just an inkling of the excitement I used to get right before I knew it would snow or before a big holiday. Hmmm hopefully the temp pulls back up to the high 80's before Saturday cause I am planning a super cool pool party. October is a busy season so busy in fact that in my head I changed my pop's birthday to October 23rd instead of its rightful spot in September. So Happy belated Pop's . Here you are last year on that special day, (I got it right then).


BurdockBoy said...

Wow 75 degrees. I hope you broke out the wool blankets :) We had some cold weather (snow on the ski hill) but the next couple of days are supposed to actually be in the lower 80's! Maybe I'll get a couple more tomatoes.

Marybeth said...

It's only fall yet and the temp is about 68 here (not bad except that it is raining out.) The leaves are still turning colors and there is still grass here. I love fall.
great pics mag. thanks.

Maggie said...


The human body is amazing on how it adapts. I used to love the cold weather but now anything below 70 truly makes my bone marrow quiver, (that and not owning many socks doesn't help). If its getting into the 80's there though we have a fighting chance for one last weekend in the low 90's huh?

I may not get the beautiful colors or the crisp weather but this Oak tree that shades the house all summer long has four distinct fall seasons, acorns fall, those caterpillar like seeds fall, leaves fall, limbs and branches fall. I shouldn't complain some hurricane will probably bring the end to my seasons by having one large oak tree fall, (on my house).