Friday, December 19, 2008

Birthday Bash Jimmy Guanas style

Had this not been in hindsight I would bore the public with my mushy momma laments on how my babies were five and in no stretch of the imagination are they my toddler taters with fat thighs and encrypted speech that only siblings and family understood. Now when my cute little tater tots announce something to the world they hear it even to a parents dismay. "Hey mom I just stinker ed when I sneezed, isn't that cool?".

That being said I organized a party like none they had been to or had. The criteria as put forth my my tuber two ; pool, steel drum, beach, and around 30 of closest friends. I added my criteria which stemmed from last years reptile party anguish, a destination I don't have to clean up after. Jimmy Guanas topped the chart, An island style bash was in the makings. I ordered 75 miniature beach balls blew them up and proceeded to write the party invites out. I still have like ten left so maybe someday will show them off. This was a grueling task even with Mohawk Mommas help. Mother luck blessed us with a beautiful balmy 90d degree sunny day and Ms. Mohawk surprised us with a room at the hotel we were partying at. All in all it turned out fabulous for the kids and the parents.

We played in the game room then had pizza and cake listened to steel drums and danced then we went to the pool and played on the pirate ship and mushroom falls. As the kids got water logged we downed our Margaritas and took the kids back to our Suit that Ms. L and Ms. Mohawk had moved all the gifts and decorations to. The kids opened up the gifts and played with them then we went to dinner under the same deck. The band started jamming and the kids ended the day the way they brought it in shaking their biscuits island style.

game room.

This was our steel drum player Dan the Pan Man.

Chillin by the pool diving into the goodie bags.

Back in the hotel kids opened gifts.

Here are the twins and Mohawk enjoying dinner after an eventful day.

The Jimmy Buffet jam.


Maggie said...

excuse all the spaces I am in a super rush to catch up on things and I still have two more holidays before our Christmas Campout and then Winter Solstice party and then the Jolly red one is coming. Thank goodness for that two month holiday free lull.

Marybeth said...

thirty kids wow that seems like alot of work.