Monday, December 15, 2008

Small Fry

At first it was so long that I didn't know where to begin, then it was so long that I was afraid to get back on finally it was so long I forgot my own website name so after a couple of tries decided blogger would remember. I have had such a hectic time the last couple of months that the few times I was able to come up for air I decided to put my feet up and have a glass of wine instead of documenting the little bits of proof that my children are growing up way to quick for me. I know that I have only been poking my head in every now and again but I have to remind myself that documentation is what I am after so in a couple of years when I look back these long lulls in my diary will do no one any good especially myself.
Heres some news our newest spud, we will call her fry (as in small fry). I cannot begin to tell you how excited the twins are to have a new little cousin and Pip really thinks she is a living baby doll. The new potato belongs to my younger sibling. MY brother and his wife have reproduced.

That is my little bro a few years back (about 30 to be exact). These days he is much more adamant about wearing pants in his photos.

This is his wife although I was not privy to her adolescent years we can all agree she made a good catch.
And finally the new addition. We did travel to see her and although illness kept me from holding her and smothering her with all sorts of weird human learned signs of affection I had to be satisfied with touching her well protected piggy toes.

Welcome to the Family small fry.


best casinos online said...

You all look cute and adorable!

Marybeth said...

Wow that was a long time ago. But he is still cute. Love the pic of fry wish I could see her in person. Oh well someday I will get down there.

Michelle said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations, Aunt Maggie!