Monday, February 02, 2009


Don't tell me my child is flawed

you barren bitch

don't tell me how to fix him

put away your hammer and your nails and listen to him sing when he plays

So he doesn't look you in the eyes

it doesn't bother him

maybe the problem is yours


Marybeth said...

I never thought he was any thing but perfect. He looks sweet to me.
Who do you refer to as the barren bitch? Did I miss something?

Maggie said...

I was just pissed at how a certain well trained doctor referred to my sons "traits" for lack of a different word, just seemed callous to assume any difference from the norm is a flaw. I am less angry now but I'm not going to edit away my anger:)

Momma Mohawk said...

He is perfect and wonderful!! Professional's sometimes can't see beyond the diagnosis and possible implications to see the whole child.

Marybeth said...

I agree with Momma Mohawk, He is perfect.

BurdockBoy said...

I've given up on Doctors. They feel the need to classify everything. We have taken Kalea to the doctor like three times. We had a great doctor in Wisco, but the one we tried out here sucked and we haven't gone back since.

All children are perfect in their own way.