Thursday, January 18, 2007

Check in on the Environmental Working Group lately? Seems our lovely EPA was all set to again allow Chromium-6 , the chemical brought to light by Erin Brockovich right in our own back yard.

Finally those ozone machines getting some honest press read on quit trying to clean air by putting chemicals into it. Its much like looking for a pill to cure obesity.smog or Ozone?

On a lighter note and by request some more old photos...........from Momma's side. Maybe I shouldn't try and make them out let the family guess. But for my friends lets say the top is my Grandmom's mother (straight from the Emerald Isle). Honestly don't know who that chunky monkey is she is holding,(hope not me). On the left I believe we have My Mom and her older sister and the handsome man in the center, not sure.

This is my Grandpop again holding hmm the third sis born?

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marybeth said...

Mother feed dad well in those days.