Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Book "Worm?"

B's favorite past time. He won't let us throw anything away that has a Thomas on it including boxes. You would think the kid didn't have 12 Thomas books the way he poors over these inserts that come in the Thomas DVDs. He must have 20 of them and he calls them his booklets. He studies them and memorizes what books and toys he does or doesn't have. He knows from the picture which story it is about and believe me he knows them all.

This little guy was on the floor in A's room. Dad reached down thinking it was a worm but when it reared it's head I knew better. I told Dad it was a snake and he quickly backed off and allowed me to take the critter out doors where he could be better off. Squish A and B thought it was sooooooo funny that Dad didn't like snakes.


marybeth said...

Sounds like your father only he does not like spiders.

Anonymous said...

Robert says its a worm snake so in essence you were both right.

Phelan said...

At least it was on the floor where it could be seen, unlike a washing machine. ~shiver~