Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hopscotch for the appendage enhanced child

After mopping up the kitchen floor I went to herd the twins up for the evening tub. When I found them outside Dad was trying to teach Squish A the game of hopscotch. This is the creation he was to have her utilize. No numbers no rocks and would you believe three squares wide in some areas. I got quite a giggle before schooling him on my street game knowledge. To my surprise the kids are both at a perfect age to enjoy this popular sidewalk game. When I was a tike we used a rock to scratch out the playing field but things are much easier these days with sidewalk chalk.

So tell me can you pass a hopscotch game chalked out on a public sidewalk without doing the hop or do you keep on walking?? I always do the hop can't help myself. For the real rules and the history check out the links.

Really descriptive rules!!

The history

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