Sunday, June 24, 2007

been busy living

So I've been led astray by life with three year old twins. Every so often I stop capturing or logging every moment and just live in it. Then the old Capricorn in me kicks in and I realize that I will not be able to remember all this great stuff and I begin the records again. I think the fact that I have two childhoods all at once makes me even more anxious about having some historical record. The highlight of the weekend was our first trip to see the Devil Rays play. We wanted to wait until they could possibly make it to the seventh inning stretch so we opted to see the Rays go up against the Dodgers. If anyone knows Tampa Bay sports, crowds were never really an issue and usually it is disheartening to find more fans for away teams then the home team but we really hit the nail on the head with this game. Second biggest crowd of the season and it was throw back night so allot of ole' timers with '55 dodgers uniforms. They even had some real players from that year. Really was a blast and to boot WE WON.
The kids did great and made it to the seventh inning. Only let down is we had planned to visit the Ray tank after the stretch but sadly watched from across the field as they covered them up for the evening. Squish A was sad to miss out but next time we promised to visit the tank first. So the two pictures I did take were a bit fuzzy but oh well the moment is captured.


Stephanie said...

Looks like a fun night!

dave said...

Any pop flies head your way?