Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blueberries and Birthday Suits

We are an over scheduled family. This is something I had always thought I would avoid but this month I failed. July I think I will have the kinks out and the kids will be down to one activity outside of swimming. A is leaning towards her gymnastics as I cannot possible fit her yearned for tennis lessons into my schedule. B wants Tae Kwon Do. For three year olds it is still allot with twice a week swimming lessons and full time pre-primary but if managed correctly I think it can be done while still maintaining our quality of life and together time. I have had a policy against weekend classes just for the simple fact that everyone needs some uninterrupted down time but this month I had to opt for a Saturday morning gymnastics class for A. To make up for the rude interruption in our sacred weekend morning I have let them have the run of the house and indulged their fancies just because. These three year olds have been naked for ten hours straight, (inside of course) due to some on and off rainstorms. ( My kids will strip down the second they step in the door if I let them.) I have never seen them happier. They had blueberry pancakes for breakfast and lunch, and spaghetti for dinner followed by key lime pie. They fell asleep around two and slept until four I didn't disturb them a bit. They are at peace and it is well deserved.


Phelan said...

you mean they are suppose to wear clothing? huh...guess I should inform my youngest of this one. ;)

dave said...

They sound like me.