Thursday, April 03, 2008

100 things, thirty days later.

100 really does seem like a stretch at this pace.

-Number two; I clench my teeth. I don't know how long but I am more and more aware of it. I clench hard too often giving myself a jaw ache and stress headache before I notice what I am up to. The problem has progressed to the point where I have a hard time eating anything hard or wide. Granola bars kill me and forget a fat veggie sub. My left side of my jaw cracks all the time now so I never chew gum. I have tried to wear a mouth guard at night only to wake up with it in my hand every time.

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Ginnie said...

Hi, Maggie, thanks for the comment on Becoming. Do you have box elder bugs in Florida?

Sorry about the teeth clenching - that can be really damaging to your teeth and jaw. I do it in my sleep, but my mouth guard stays in, thankfully.