Monday, April 21, 2008

One way to cure monday blues

I feel guilty waking these guys up at 6 on a Monday. Sometimes physically ill when they moan and cry so this Monday I had them help with our special breakfast. somehow Monday isn't so bad when the smell of sticky buns fills the house.

Oh I am sneaking a #3 in here just to speed up the pace. This is lame but my favorite color is yellow. Not mustard yellow or sunshine yellow something more like the color of a butter cup or yellow hibiscus. Not to go on but my favorites top three are as follows:
a) Yellow
b) Orange
c) Green
Most people just pick a favorite but anyone who has kids knows that a top favorite is just the beginning of the story.


marybeth said...

I love sticky buns, it looks like a hit with the kids too.

BurdockBoy said...

Hello again.

I think sticky buns will cure about anything.

melissa and doug said...

What a wonderful way to kick off a Monday! Can I come over next Monday?