Friday, May 30, 2008

Pixie's journal

Of course I am always amazed at my children's progress at school but today when I went to pick them up for our family day picnic I found a journal in Pixie's cubby. Without much thought I threw it in the bag with the rest of our things. After a busy day of work, school, family picnic, tennis and soccer practice we were happy to get home and unload the days provisions. I finally had a chance to peek in the journal she had been busy scratching in every chance that evening. She said it was her journal to write, her teacher had given it to her. OK but really what does a four year old put in a journal?.....Well words and drawings of course. She still sometimes inverts her letters but pretty much everything I read was legible.
I love the last entry. She spells the word pat and look at her drawing. This is just too good for words. I love being a MOM.


Marybeth said...

Well, You have alot to be proud of, she is very smart.

Maggie said...

I guess what threw me is that I didn't know. Now she is writing everything and everywhere. Some words not quite right as she spells ball bol but she gets the drift.